Wie die Datenanalyse Ringier Afrika zum Durchbruch verhalf

Share KPIs to get the best results

io: Do you share individual successes with other team members?
Osagie: We think it’s important to share both our wins and losses with the entire team, and that’s why during our weekly meetings we discuss and analyze both. It’s a good learning experience for the team.

.io: Finally, what are you most proud of thus far?
Tim: We consistently grow and reach new audiences, year over year. At the end of last year, we challenged ourselves by setting an aggressive goal of reaching 100 million readers before the end of 2017. Through June, we were over 60 million. Of course, it’s still early to say that we’ve succeeded, but we know that it’s within our reach.

Quelle: IO Technologies Inc

Looking at the numbers is critical, but being passionate about constantly raising the quality bar is just as important. As businesses evolve so does their data, and that’s why keeping the data team and tools up to date so important.

Utilizing data and analytics requires the ability to manage multiple sources of data and build advanced analytics models, and if you can master these skills, you can master the media.

As Ringier’s team discovered, data analytics is not just a tool or a technology, it is the driver of the decision-making discipline you need to work at the cutting edge of the media industry.
Vitaliy Skoblia from IO Technologies Inc
IO real-time editorial dashboards empower chief editors and media business executives to streamline their data in order to make faster and smarter business decisions.

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