The myths of mobile security

Mobile device security is more than just providing trusted

applications and rulse that avoid malware.

» Von Check Point, 19.04.2016 11:31.

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ü  MDM and EMM do not detect malware or protect from  threats when using non-approved applications.

ü  The MDM and EMM solutions also do nothing to stop spyware once on a device.

ü  Document protection is an overlooked aspect of mobile security.

ü  Mobility allows people to work on the run, and people in a hurry tend to be more prone to making mistakes.

ü  ONLY Check Point prevents the download of malware on the mobile device through its threat prevention capabilities.

All other tested vendors allowed malware download.

ü  GOOD, MobileIron, AirWatch and Citrix: these vendors cannot prevent the spy application installed on the device from sending data to C&C servers. 



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